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Success Stories

Eletto il Consiglio Direttivo AUOT 2019-2022

Il 13 settembre 2019 si sono svolte a Bari, nell’ambito dell’11° Congresso AUOT, le elezioni per il rinnovo del Consiglio Direttivo per il triennio 2019-2022, che risulta così composto:

With so much at stake, they turned to NanoSoft Solutions to handle their IT needs. NanoSoft not only created detailed plan to upgrade MCMS systems, but when an old modem died over a weekend, putting in jeopardy the MCMS e-mail capabilities, it was NanoSoft who came to the rescue. As Christopher Bell from MCMS says:

“We don’t pride ourselves on being technologically savvy, our job is to serve people in times of crisis.”

It’s that 24 hour/7 day a week support and commitment to service that keeps the MCMS from worrying anymore about their IT.

Via: cmitsolutions.com